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Giving Opportunities with Training

Our Training Zones

Bike Zone

The Bike Training area is a Bike workshop, where at any one time, two trainees upcycle and test all the bikes before being sold to customers. Michael Bougourd, Deputy General Manager, says “Originally upcycling of bikes was performed with limited facilities, however, recognising the important gap in the local market for inexpensive, climate-friendly transport and in conjunction with Ian Brown our new cycle workshop was born. We now carry out 31 safety checks ensuring cycles leave our workshop meeting industry standards of safety.”  GO inspects every cycle upon donation and replaces necessary parts, such as wheels, tyres, brakes, saddles, cables and chains to name but a few.

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IT Training Zone

The new IT Suite, with three separate trainee areas in which to develop new skills across a range of disciplines.  Here, individual trainees can access bespoke training packages designed to meet their specific needs and help them on their journey into paid employment. All tuition is supervised by a qualified and highly experienced teacher, who now educates people in the skills they need to enter the workplace. Michael Sheen, IT & Comms Manager at GO, states, “This is a fantastic opportunity for Islanders who have been out of the workplace for varying reasons, to gain confidence in their own ability and develop skills employers are looking for”.

GO Creation

GO's Creation Training Zone allows trainees to choose, upcycle and create a new lease of life into tired furniture sold in our Furniture Shop.  Four or five items may be being worked on at any one time, and when they are ready, they are lovingly displayed in our shop for a new home.

Training: Programs
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